The very start

Musique audio

Zoé, Emilie. Auteur

Edité par Hummus Records. [S.l.] - 2018

6 o'clock ; A fish in a net ; Tiger song ; Blackberries ; Loner ; Nothing stands ; Dead birds fly ; The barren land ; Would you still be here ; Sailor

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Dead-End Tape | Zoé, Emilie. Auteur

Dead-End Tape

Musique audio | Zoé, Emilie. Auteur | 2016

My Shadow On The Wall ; The River ; Chop Me Up ; I Found A Girl ; My Little Liar ; Hold Me Tight ; Last Night We Talked ; I Cried In My Beard ; Do You Still Sting ; Zara ; It's Only Me On A Dead-End Tape

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